University list Estonia


Largest city:Tallinn
Area:45,339 km2
language: endonym
International Phone dialing code:+372

Why study in Estonia

Estonia is a small Baltic country located between Russian and Latvia. The country boasts incredible scenery, stunning architecture, and offers a classic European experience. Estonia is a popular student destination because of the variety of programs available and the low cost of tuition and living. Studying abroad is the experience of a lifetime; here are five reasons why Estonia is the ideal destination.

  • Enjoy delicious cappuccinos in medieval castles—you’ll find history around every corner here!
  • Most of the residents speak English and the Universities offer over 150 Degrees taught in English—great communication for making a smooth transition.
  • Locals love their song and dance—you’ll be able to join in or observe at one of their many festivals!
  • Experience all aspects of an unfamiliar culture… Estonia has more than 1500 tiny islands that you can explore—many of which still maintain relatively traditional lifestyles.
  • Easy travel hub! Tallin, the capital is just a short ferry ride away from Stockholm and Helsinki.