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Population:  5,258,317[4]
Capital:  Oslo
Largest city: Oslo
Area:  385,178[3] km2
language: Norwegian
International Phone dialing code: +47 or 0047

Why study in Norway

1. A Great Place to Live: Finland has been ranked the world’s best place to live, with capital city Helsinki achieving consistent top rankings for quality of life.

2. Education is Tops: Among Finland’s most noteworthy attributes? It’s higher education standards. Innovative teaching methods, an invested government, a focus on transferable skills, a commitment to research and development, and an abundance of English language coursework make Finland a great place to learn.

3. Four Seasons of Fun: Finland has four distinct seasons each with their own unique allures -- including winter’s polar nights and summer’s midnight sun.

4. A Beautiful Blend: Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a city slicker, Finland has something for everyone: leading edge information technology abounds against a backdrop of fresh air and scenic vistas.

5. A Progressive Society: In addition to standing at the forefront of global technology, Finland is progressive in many other instrumental ways -- from low crime to high gender equality.


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