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Population:  5,426,252[2]
Capital:  Bratislava
Largest city:  Bratislava
Area: 49,035 km2
 language:  Slovak
International Phone dialing code: +421

Why study in Slovakia

As the most central of Slavic languages, Slovak is a valuable key to communicating with others in Central and Eastern Europe.

English and Slovak are both European languages, sharing more vocabulary than is generally realized.

Americans and Slovaks have many cultural ties!

  • Are you interested in great world literature? Slovak is the language of Hollý, Kukučín, Timrava, Cíger-Hronský, and Hviezdoslav.
  • Although geographically a relatively small country, Slovakia is a member of the European Union since May, 2004.
  • Slovakia has become the home of many foreign

The University Integrated Core Curriculum and Foreign Language:

  • Foreign language study is a required part of the integrated core curriculum at John Carroll University.





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