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Population: 54,956,900[4
Capital: Pretoria
Largest city: Johannesburg
Area:  1,221,037 km
 language:  Afrikaans, English, Ndebele
International Phone dialing code: +27 or 0027

Why study in South Africa


  • South African higher educational institutions hold a prominent place on the world stage, with four of its universities claiming spots in the 2013/2014 QS World University Rankings. The University of Cape Town is South Africa's highest finisher coming in at an impressive 145. The University of Witwatersrand (AKA “Wits”) and Stellenbosch University both coasted into the top 400.
  • While unrest and upheaval may first come to mind when you think of South Africa, its university campuses have become multicultural hubs of academic, social and civic activities. In fact, diversity is now an integral part of the national ethos of this modern-day "Rainbow Nation."
  • Who doesn’t like to get the biggest bang for their buck? Studying in South Africa offers some serious financial incentives thanks to favorable international exchange rates. The result? Both tuition and cost of living expenses are a significant value for international students.
  • South Africa is a nation in the midst of change. While others read about history in textbooks, international students who choose to study here are immersed in history-making moments. And as the newest member of BRICS, South Africa’s emerging economy presents a unique perspective into the global marketplace.
  • South Africa’s comfortable climate and diverse landscape offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. From exotic beaches to majestic mountain ranges, the country's terrain is like no other. Factor in a temperate climate with plenty of warm sunny days and cool nights, and South Africa’s near-perfect weather is reason enough to at least look into international study opportunities.


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